Ch Hypnotique Frosty Bear of Yellicle  
  Sire: GC RW Cattrax Harts of Purrade   
  Dam: Ch Becton Short Stuff of Hypnotique  
  Yellicle`s Pretty Belinda  &  Ch Jadon True Love of Yellicle  
  Ch Yellicle`s Dream A Little Dream  &  Yellicle`s Heaven Can Wait  
  Sire: Skyhy Sweet Leroy Brown of Yellicle  
  Dam: Lewishof Black Divinity of Yellicle  
  Yellicle`s Canonball  
  Sire: Ch Yellicle`s More Than A Feeling  
  Dam: Bryn Mawr Downtown Julie Brown  
  GC Yellicle`s Blue Danube  
  Sire: Ch Vickits Viper of Yellicle  
  Dam: Zoticats Flossy Belle of Yellicle  
  GC Jovan Love On The Rocks of Yellicle  
  Sire: GC Kitty Charm King O`Diamond of Jovan  
  Dam: Jovan Nickie  
  In loving memory 16.10.1989 - 21.06.2004  
  Ch Windpegs Simply Beautiful of Skyhy, DM  
  Sire: GC Anona Diamond Jack of Windpeg, DM  
  Dam: Windpegs Baby Blue  
  In loving memory 05.06.1990 - 24.01.2005  
  Poeme Bolero of Yellicle  
  Sire: Ch Billmars Black Magic of Poeme  
  Dam: Ch Sundew`s Hasta La Vista Baby